2 Samuel 11:1

“ In the springtime when Kings go forth to battle……BUT DAVID REMAINED IN JERUSALEM.” (Amplified Bible)

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Well I sure have, and have said to myself, “Vandalyn, had you been where you were supposed to be, this would have never happened!” No doubt, this is how David felt when he was supposed to be out fighting with his army since it was the prescribed season for Kings to go to battle.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but God has a set time for us to be in a set place to avoid certain things and ensure victory. He says that the steps of a good man (or woman) are ordered by Him…..therefore, we have to hear and obey Him. David remained in a place he shouldn’t have, and that one decision, resulted in negative repercussions he dealt with for the rest of his life! Remember, God knows not only where we are, but what’s coming our way. In addition, since God knew us before the foundation of the world (Jeremiah 1), He also knows our proclivities and the things that can so easily beset us. God knew that at THAT time, David couldn’t deal with Bathsheba bathing on the roof, so he made provision for him to be somewhere else. BUT DAVID REMAINED……..

I’m sure David had seen beautiful women bathing before, he may have even seen Bathsheba, but there was a certain place that had he been, he would have avoided this specific temptation and the specific ramifications that followed.

How many times has God told us to MOVE from where we are to a place of consecration and obedience? Of course we should always be on our spiritual P’s & Q’s but there are special seasons that He expects we go to a place- knowing that while there, we will avoid distractions and  things that would steal our victory.  He knows when He is fortifying us to endure a trial or temptation, and if we do not pull away in obedience to be built up and refreshed, we won’t be ready to face what is ahead.

Sometimes however, we rest on our laurels and what has been accomplished in the past, becoming slack, deciding to take a little spiritual break. God calls us to consecration and we want to eat, because listen, we consecrated last month and experienced mighty deliverances, and now we just want to relax a bit. We’re not in sin, but just want to chill and we tell God,” I’ll be there, just give me a minute…..” However, His ways are above our ways and His thoughts above our thoughts. He knows what is up the road, and knows when we need to move to another place so as to avoid any FATAL distractions.

The enemy also knows that if we are in the wrong spiritual location and do not have a fresh touch from fellowship with the Master, we will never be able to resist his tactics or discover his measures. We have got to move! God is saying when I call you to move, don’t think you can stay where you are and move later. Move when I say move!

There is a certain spiritual location that the Holy Ghost leads us to.  He will not force us to go, but prompts us there. David not being in the proper place physically, points to LOCATION – the issue of (spiritual) location that is so important to God.

God took the time in this chapter to say, “ In the Spring when Kings go forth to battle, David remained in Jerusalem.” He could have just started with the story of Bathsheba, but it was clear that what was to take place in the ensuing chapters was ALL because of David’s location.

 In this New Year, don’t remain in the place of no consecration. Don’t remain in the place of not being consistent in the word and prayer. You have been there long enough. God is trying to move you to where you need to be, so you don’t have to fight the same battles you’ve been fighting. Get up from there, wherever your THERE is – instability, inconsistency, don’t REMAIN any longer! DON’T STAY THERE!!!  Be where you are supposed to be in the spirit. There are blessings waiting on you THERE at your assigned place, there are victories assigned to you there. Don’t leave yourself open to an attack that will take you years to recover from – or that you possibly will never totally recover from. Say to yourself, “I’ve got to move, – I’m getting out of this depressed state, I’m not remaining in the same negative mindset, I’m not saying  “I’ll do it tomorrow,” or “ I’ll start the fast next week,” NO! There is a place that I have to go NOW!   You may not feel like it, but your life and future depend on it.

I admonish you today – DON’T STAY!!!